July 2004

Motion chosen for Tablet PC-based menus by Holiday Inn
Ameranth Wireless, in conjunction with Motion Computing, Intel, and Dell, developed an electronic menu system as part of an overall "21st Century Hotel" experience. The electronic menu part uses Motion's Tablet PC slates. 100 of them have been ordered for the pilot project. -- Posted Tuesday, July 6, 2004 by chb

Tabler PC forecast: same old, same old
For the past year or so, every major analyst assessment of the Tablet PC platform has come to the same conclusions: A) Tablet PCs are doing quite well in vertical markets where Microsoft and its OEMs were preaching to the converted and gave them a better and less expensive product than the older pen slates many had been using for many years. B) Consumers continue to balk at the higher prices and lesser performance of Tablet PCs. Sure they are usually in the ultra-lite class that always commands a price premium and sacrificies performance and battery life for small size and light weight, but consumers just don't bite. InStat just issues an interesting new report that forecasts five-year Tablet PC shipments. -- Posted Friday, July 2, 2004 by chb