May 2008

Full review: Advantech MARS 3100R rugged Tablet PC
We reviewed the Advantech MARS-3100R, a rugged industrial tablet computer from an experienced Taiwanese embedded and industrial systems company with a worldwide presence. It's small and handy, and weighs just five pounds. A 1.2GHz Intel Core Duo U2500 processor provides a good balance between performance and battery life. The aluminum-alloy body is very solid, sealed to IP54 specs, and can take a beating. Combined with full 1024 x 768 pixel XGA resolution on a 10.4-inch display with dual panel input, the MARS-3100R excels in applications that require as much screen real estate as possible in a very compact, rugged computer. [Read full review of the Advantech MARS 3100R rugged Tablet PC] -- Posted Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by chb

Case Study: MobileDemand xTablets at Box Canyon Dairy
MobileDemand issued a new case study showing how Box Canyon Dairy in Wendell, Idaho, uses rugged Tablet PCs, RFID and special software to implement a more efficient process for the health, care and breeding of livestock. "I gained an additional two hours in my day to do something else," said dairy general manager Scott Haag. "As for my employees, it cuts in half the amount of time they spend looking for animals." [See MobileDemand Tablet PC case study] -- Posted Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by chb

MobileDemand demonstrates Tablet PC ruggedness on videos
MobileDemand has created short videos that show in dramatic fashion how rugged their xTablet Rugged Tablet PC really is and how much abuse it can take. If you want to see a Tablet PC being dropped, splashed, rained on, and even used as a hammer to pound nails into a board, view their latest video or see screen snaps and description of the torture tests. -- Posted Friday, May 9, 2008 by chb