May 2005

New online reviews at Tablet PC Magazine!
We have posted the Pen Computing Magazine full text reviews of several more Tablet PCs. They are: Averatec C3500, Fujitsu T4000 series, Xplore iX104C2, ViewSonic V1250, and Toshiba M205. The full articles on "Selecting a 3nd generation Tablet PC" and "Wide Angle LCDs and the Tablet PC" are also available, all at the Tablet PC Magazine website. -- Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2005 by chb

SmarTerminal releases rugged tablet
Strictly speaking, the SmarTerminal SMT-7820 isn't a Tablet PC because it lacks the active digitizer that lets it run the XP Tablet PC Edition. However, it's a very compact, inexpensive ($1,200-1,800), extraordinarily flexible rugged (IP54) touchscreen slate solution that can either run XP on an internal hard disk or XP Embedded from 1-4GB of flash. [see SmarTerminal site] -- Posted Monday, May 16, 2005 by chb