April 2010

HP buys Palm
Three weeks after Pen Computing conjectured, "Here's an idea, though: what about using Palm's WebOS as the basis for HP's upcoming iPad competitor? It'll never fly with Windows 7 on it, but with Palm's WebOS....?", HP announced it will acquire Palm for US$1.2 billion. Now this sounds like good news for Palm, but then again, HP is also the company that squandered away the iPAQ brand when it bought Compaq. It seems unlikely that even HP will be able to make much of a dent in the smartphone market with Palm phones, but, again, possibly using webOS for small iPad competitor tablets, that's a different story altogether. -- Posted Friday, April 30, 2010 by dtm

Will Cisco buy Palm to build an enterprise tablet?
Steve Cheney of Silicon Alley Insider has posted an intriguing article suggesting that Cisco should buy struggling Palm in order to use Palm's WebOS as the basis for an enterprise tablet offering IP telephony, video, WebEx & mobile collaboration. The company has previously indicated interest in building such a device but, according to Cheney, "They don't have a web-centric, mobile optimized platform OS." He makes a convincing case for such an acquisition.
READ: Cisco Should Buy Palm To Make An iPad For The Enterprise

-- Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by dtm

AT&T posts info on iPad 3G data plans
AT&T has posted a PDF fact sheet on their data plans for the iPad WiFi + 3G models hitting the stores on Friday April 30. Pricing has not changed but we were surprised by the auto-renew "feature" that forces you to remember to cancel or pay for another month. While full-time 3G data users will like this, travelers who only intend to activate their plan on an ad hoc basis may not. We were under the impression that the plan would be month-to-month with auto-cancel if not explicitly renewed by the user.
DOWNLOAD: AT&T iPad 3g Fact Sheet (PDF)

-- Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by dtm

Lake Oswego Fire Dept. chooses Motion F5 rugged Tablet PCs
Motion Computing announced that the Lake Oswego, Oregon Fire Department has selected, via Allegiance Tablet PC Experts, a Motion reseller and expert in Tablet PC deployments, the Motion F5 Rugged Tablet PC to improve fire code inspection processes and aid in incident documentation with FIREHOUSE Software Mobile Inspection Software. -- Posted Tuesday, April 27, 2010 by chb

Original Newton Notes author Dave MacNeill reviews the iPad
Dave MacNeill, author of the original Newton Notes, is back among the writing after a three-year stint pursuing his interests in music. Dave got himself a 64GB iPad and wrote what may well be the ultimate initial iPad review. "There is one good thing about being a little late to the party: you will always be more sober than everyone else," says Dave as he contemplates Apple's latest contribution to changing the world as we know it. [Read Dave McNeill's full review of the Apple iPad WiFi 64GB] -- Posted Monday, April 26, 2010 by chb

Intel unveils new rugged convertible Classmate PC
Building on their prior clamshell and convertible classmate PC designs, Intel unveiled their latest convertible Classmate PC reference design. Featuring the Intel Atom and a 10.1-inch LCD touch monitor with palm rejection, the latest version has more memory and storage, up to 8.5 hours battery life, a user interface optimized for eReading applications, water-resistant keyboard, touchpad, improved ruggedness with drop test from desk height, bump and scratch resistance, and an optional anti-microbial keyboard. For wireless, there are 3G, GPS and WiMAX options. According to Intel, more than 300 vendors are developing applications, peripherals and services optimized for Intel-powered classmate PCs as a part of the Intel Learning Series. See Classmate PC products from Equus Computer Systems, MDG, and CTL.
-- Posted Monday, April 26, 2010 by chb

Microsoft releases free Touch Pack for Windows 7
Microsoft has made available for free download the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7, a collection of six simple applications optimized for Windows 7 Touch. There are three games (Blackboard, Garden Pond, Rebound), as well as Surface Globe (maps), Surface Collage (playing with pictures) and Surface Lagoon (cool screen saver). See download page for Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. -- Posted Thursday, April 22, 2010 by chb

Sharp introduces Japanese market Netwalker PC-T1 tablet
Those who follow the Japanese domestic electronics market know that it is full of fascinating products and gadgets that we never get to see stateside. With its Freescale processor and customized Ubuntu Linux platform, the 5.9 x 3.54 x 0.8 inch Sharp Netwalker PC-T1 again represents an alternate approach to technology. The little Netwalker has a 5-inch touch display, only the older 802.11b/g WiFi standard, and neither a camera nor WWAN capabilities. [See description and specs of the Sharp Netwalker PC-T1] -- Posted Tuesday, April 20, 2010 by chb

Full review: Samwell RUGGEDBOOK SR820
If a full-size tablet computer is too big and heavy, the Samwell RUGGEDBOOK SR820 rugged Tablet PC presents an alternative and very interesting choice that essentially provides Netbook functionality in a tablet form factor. Little clamshell netbooks are selling by the millions, so why not offer the same size and technology in a ruggedized touch screen device without the extra bulk and weight of a physical keyboard? [full review of the Samwell RUGGEDBOOK SR820] -- Posted Monday, April 5, 2010 by chb

Gunze USA features multi-touch at 2010 SID
Everyone wants multi-touch, but not everyone is enamored with expensive projected capacitive touch screens that you can't operate with a stylus or with gloves. That's why Gunze USA partnered with Stantum to offer unlimited multi-touch on its resistive touch panels. The panels are immune to EMI, allow stylus input (needed for handwriting recognition), and work flawlessly with gloves. Solutions will be shown at 2010 SID Display Wee, May 25-27, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. -- Posted Thursday, April 1, 2010 by chb