February 2014

N-trig's DuoSense multi-touch & active pen solution selected by Intel for its Education Tablet
As most pen enthusiasts know, Wacom has historically been considered the leading active pen technology vendor, but now N-trig claims that the latest build of their pen actually surpasses Wacom in terms of accuracy, pressure sensitivity, continuity, linearity and overall user experience. We haven't checked N-trig's solutions lately, but they did just claim a big win when Intel implemented the N-trig DuoSense controller chipset into its Intel Education Tablet. [See N-trig press release] -- Posted Wednesday, February 19, 2014 by chb

Not mincing words -- Paul Thurrott on Windows 8
In a blog entry entitled "What the Heck is Happening to Windows?" Paul Thurrott does not mince words. "Windows 8 is a disaster in every sense of the word. This is not open to debate, is not part of some cute imaginary world where everyone's opinion is equally valid or whatever. Windows 8 is a disaster. Period." Thurrott, one of the most highly esteemed technology bloggers, blames Microsoft's fatal tendency of trying to be all things to all people, a tendency Pen Computing Magazine lamented every time Microsoft tried to somehow shoehorn pen and touch support into Windows proper... [See Paul Thurotte blog] -- Posted Monday, February 10, 2014 by chb

Sony sells VAIO PC and laptop business, concentrates on smartphones and tablets
Sony is leaving the PC and laptop business in order to concentrate its mobile product lineup on smartphones and tablets. The VAIO PC business is transferred to a new company established by Japan Industrial Partners Inc. Sony's decision came upon analysis of factors, including the drastic changes in the global PC industry, Sony's overall business strategy, the need for support of Sony's VAIO customers, and some job preservation for VAIO personnel. [See Sony release] -- Posted Thursday, February 6, 2014 by chb

Getac and Becrypt deploy secure and rugged Android tablet for military trial and accreditation
Getac UK and mobile security solutions provider Becrypt announced an alpha trial to secure accreditation from the UK Ministry of Defence for what the companies' call the world's first secure Android 4.1 tablet solution suitable for defence and government markets. The Getac Z710 7-inch Android tablet, equipped with Becrypt's Titan II software. The device will undergo trials by global security company Northrop Grumman as a Blue Force Tracking (BFT) system designed to link tactical commanders with vehicles and personnel in the field. [See press release and Becrypt Titan II Android security page] -- Posted Tuesday, February 4, 2014 by chb