February 2002

Microsoft knew it all along
The Tablet PC may seem new, but Microsoft has been working on the concept for over a decade. Here's what Greg Slyngstad, then General Manager of Microsoft's Pen Computing Group said in November of 1991: “The impact of pens on computing will be far greater than the mouse. The two key benefits—extreme portability and ease of use—will enable tiny, low-cost PCs that will appeal to a broader spectrum of users than ever before. Imagine “smart paper” that can do everything paper can as well as recognize objects, do calculations, neatly organize, duplicate and transmit itself.” -- Posted Saturday, February 23, 2002 by chb

Tablet PC Magazine Debut
The next issue of Pen Computing Magazine will include, as an insert, the first issue of Tablet PC Magazine. -- Posted Saturday, February 23, 2002 by chb